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The places where you spend your life will be healthy and comfortable.

pimapen simeklik

In recent years, flyscreen windows have become an important need.

PENPLAST combines the best material quality, perfect scaling, and flawless workmanship, and works to deliver the product to our customers with the confidential service conditions.

We design and manufacture products that are healthy and comfortable to make the products that are needed and facilitate your life.

Flyscreens are particularly applicable to the windows (Pimapen, wooden chopping, aluminum PVC, and all areas that can be used to be used in each area with an opening feature.) The balcony door can be applied to your glass balcony.

Flyscreen systems are produced from aluminum profiles to be long-lasting and permanent and have the property of all kinds of doors and windows.


Pimapen PVC window systems compatible with flyscreen systems which has developed in the style that can be both the door and window.

The system has foldable or fixed usage alternatives that provide the advantage of opening as wings and the advantage of being installed and removed. It can be easily mounted.

Easily cleaned by washing or wiping. The vertically acting Store Flat eliminates space losses and can be applied to each window.

Sliding flyscreens, which moves horizontally on the outer side of the sliding series, slides in the rail according to the position where the doors and windows are opened, providing convenience and comfort in use..

We are fully authorized ISO certified and trademark registered.