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Construction Industry and Trade Company

The Leading Manufacturer of Pimapen PVC Joinery, PENPLAST.

With more than 24 years of experience, you are not only your manufacturer, but your solution partner.


PENPLAST because we undertake missions in the sector, we are in.

PENPLAST because we have a visionary perspective.

PENPLAST; since 1997, because of our continuous service we are in the top 10 list in Turkey.

PENPLAST because we produce with the most advanced technologies.

PENPLAST because we have experienced productive and assembler staff.

PENPLAST because we deliver our projects in the fastest and in a perfect way.

Modern Manufacture

pimapen imalatOur factory, which has a total construction area of 6000 m2, has a production capacity of 40 apartments per day with the most advanced technologies.

Experienced Team

pimapen üretimPENPLAST is always ready to provide you with the best service with its 24 years of experience and experienced staff, assembly teams and services.

Businness Partner

PVC JoineryPENPLAST, which reflects 24 years of experience and expertise in your projects, continues to be the first choice of qualified and aesthetic structures.


In addition to manufacturing and assembling Pimapen models, we manufacture pleated flapper systems, garage doors, slatted shutter and pull down shutters.

pimapen çeşitleriPimapen Products

While planning, producing and assembling PIMAPEN Window Systems, great care is taken so that you can be satisfied with this product for a long time.

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pancur ve kepenkBlinds and Shutters

Aluminum shutters; It is a real structural solution for sound insulation and protection against theft as well as protection from weather conditions and thermal insulation.

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Sineklik üretimiFly Screens

We produce flapper systems with the best material quality , perfect scale and error-free workmanship and the product with the safest service conditions.

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garaj kapılarıGarage Doors

These are systems that can be opened and closed by remote control without getting out of your vehicle, with aluminum security photocell and security, and provide protection against theft.

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PENPLAST is with you from the very beginning to the very end.


In order to find the design which meets your requirements we use computer aided CAD programs as planning and also we minimize the manufacturing defects.

pimapen standartStandarts

We use specially reinforced support sheets because of its combination and laminated glass. Even the highest level of security provided by standard Windows which is WK2 is procured.

pimapen imalatıManufacturing

In our factory we use the most advanced Technologies and the fastest manufacturing in order to deliver as earliest as possible..

pimapen montajAssembly

Our perfectly produced products with our team,trained on Pimapen, we assemble and deliver your products perfectly as well.

We solve everything in our facilities and give you the best price!