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Pimapen Accessory

Window and Door Systems
Add aesthetics and quality to your living spaces with Pimapen hardware systems that make your life easier thanks to its functional details, unique designs and features that can be applied to any window.

One of the most important components of the window is hardware products. The hardware product group offered with Pimapen quality and service conditions has taken its place in our sales points.

Complying with TSE and EN norms, the window and door hardware product group adapts to all kinds of projects.
While making your life easier with its different opening features, it does not compromise window and door performance for many years.
Different color options for door and window handle groups offer ideal solutions to your architectural and decorative expectations.


Pimapen Window and Door Hardware Features;
There is the PIMAPEN logo on the products (all espagnolettes and lock counterparts).

Espagnolette plates should be coated with “Titan” color exclusive to Pimapen brand.
There is no right / left discrimination in the products.
Door espagnolettes are available in the same way as our current products, with options without barrel, tongue, dumb, and claws.
ÇA wing hinge is capable of carrying 100 kg wing weight. If necessary, hinge application suitable for 130 kg wing weight is possible.
Hinge covers; It has white (3), brown (443), dark brown (258), silver (38), titan (70), bronze (39) and champagne (401) color varieties.
SECURITY double opening system can be applied from 4 points with PIMAPEN fittings.
There is a hidden crowbar on the Double Wing Espagnolette.
With the Parallel Sliding 130 system equipment, two different types of wings can be applied, which can be controlled semi-automatically and manually.
For the Infinity (Hebeschiebe) System, there is a hardware group capable of carrying 300 kg wing weight.

Window and Door Hardware Systems
Single Opening Systems

Window and Locked Door

Double Opening Systems

Locked From Bottom

Side Locked

4th Degree Security

Double Wing Systems

Hidden Arms Side Locked

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Parallel Sliding Systems