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Shutter Systems

Each product has its advantages, and it is practical. Aluminum shutters: It is a real structural solution for sound insulation and protection against thieves besides that protection from weather conditions and thermal insulation.Why shutter:
As fallows:
With aluminum shutters, thermal insulation can increase up to 25% in winter.
Solar radiation is completely disappeared by the aluminum shutter.
Aluminum shutters reduce outdoor noise by up to 10 decibels.
It has a wide range of effects, depending on the properties of the roller shutter, its construction, and how the installation is used.
The most effective solution is aluminum shutters. Because aluminum is the best metal for building materials that are exposed to daily factor, as lightweight but at the same time strong products-materials.


Protection against cold
ALUSEL modern aluminum shutters protect from cold in winter and heat in summer by providing insulation. Depending on the building, it can help you save energy up to 25% in thermal insulation and up to 10% in your bills. Your blinds effectively protect your home against natural events such as rain, snow and wind. In snowy and icy weather, your blinds create a warmer environment inside by providing insulation thanks to the space between your window and the closed shutter.

Protection against noise
Noise pollution affects your health as well as impairing the quality of life. Modern blinds will protect you from noise pollution to provide you with a more comfortable sleep, to feel healthy and to wake up rested. Aluminum louvers cover up to 10 decibels outside noise.

Increases your privacy
Blinds protect you against anyone who wants to spy on you. In today’s houses built very close to each other, your shutters protect you against unwanted glances.

Protects against heat and sun rays
Blinds protect you against the sun in the most effective way. Keeps your home cool, especially in the summer. With your shutters closed, it provides excellent protection to your home, your belongings and you against ultraviolet (UV) sun rays. It contributes to thermal insulation by preventing the ingress of hot air from outside and reflecting the sun’s rays during the summer season; thus keeps the interior cooler. Your belongings, furniture and upholstery are protected against direct sunlight and have a longer life.

It adds value
Blinds definitely improve the energy balance of your home, increasing the value of your belongings. For tenants and potential buyers, the appreciation of their property is absolutely important, as is the energy balance.

Protection and Security
Your roller shutters help protect your security by creating an additional deterrent against residential encroachment, such as theft. It prevents insects from entering. In addition, it provides very effective protection against flying insects with integrated systems with fly screen.

Electronic systems provide easy and comfortable use with remote control units. It is fully compatible with smart home systems. Even if you are not at home, it opens and closes in the morning and evening thanks to the programmed smart remotes. Automatic sun protection is provided by the sensors.