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Blinds and Shutters Engines

Mosel shutter motors are straight – reducer – receiver – chain types suitable for 40-60-70-102 drums.
It provides the opportunity to be used in all spiral-type systems (blinds, shutters, curtains, awnings, etc.) in industry and residences. Varieties are starting from 6nm (torque) motors up to 2450 nm (torque) chain motors.
Mosel receivers and controls have a wide variety of models that can adapt to all systems and offer different preferences for every space. Keychain type controls used in Rolling Shutter systems, flat and digital screen controls for roller shutters are available.


MOSEL RE and BE series new generation shutter motors move smoothly with high precision. It provides precise stops to prevent damages during landing and take-off against icing, obstacles, protects your shutters against wear, malfunctions, and prevents noise generation.

In MOSEL BE series engines, you can make or change the switch settings yourself with one touch.

Automation systems provide many advantages for your living areas. It provides more comfortable and safe use thanks to the shutter motor and smart controls that are integrated with this motor or that you can integrate later.

Increased comfort and safety, the automatic on and off of your shading installations provides greater comfort and safety. With modern control combinations such as radio time clocks or solar / wind sensors, these installations are extremely easy to operate at the push of a button.

Thanks to smart control and motors, you save energy with blinds, shutters, curtains, blinds and awnings. Because you can significantly prevent undesirable heat drop in the interior and associated heat loss.

Each system offers a comprehensive control program with unique solutions for the automation of blinds, shutters, curtains, awnings and blinds. Your installer can install motors and control components right on site, cleanly and without much effort.