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Isıcam Comfort

You can control the solar radiation to the desired extent as well as protecting the temperature of your home with Isıcam Comfort.

Isıcam Comfort decreases heat loss by 50% when compared with Standard Insulating Glass.

Therefore, effective thermal insulation in winter provides and heating expenses reduce.

It also decreases solar heat gains by 40% when compared with Standard Insulating Glass.

Therefore, it keeps cooler in summer, and cooling expenses reduce.

Isıcam Comfort does not compromise on a light while providing heat and solar control.

Eliminates cold spots in winter and hot spots in summer close to windows.

Isıcam Comfort delays the condensation that occurs on the glass surface when compared to Standard Insulating Glass. The initial investment cost is paid back in 1 to 2 years by providing heating and cooling energy savings..


Isıcam Systems is the brand of double glass produced by Isıcam Authorized Manufacturers, which are regularly audited by Şişecam Flat Glass.

Isıcam is formed by combining two or more glass plates under factory conditions to contain dry air or gases suitable for ambient pressure.

Isıcam is under the guarantee of Isıcam Authorized Manufacturer for 10 years against production-related faults.