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Isıcam Comfort +3

Isıcam Comfort 3+, Trakya Cam’s exclusive product developed for efficient energy-saving is a pair of Solar Low-E coated heat and solar control coated glass (TRC Ecosol) and a plate of Low-E coated heat control glass (TRC Ecotherm) Triple Isıcam unit with intermediate space. Isıcam Comfort 3+ is used in the Solar Low-E heat and solar control coating level 2, Low-E heat control coating 5th in the unit. Isıcam Comfort 3+ provides about twice as much heat insulation compared to standard double glazing, compared to Isıcam Comfort, while reducing solar heat input by 48% compared to standard double glazing. It saves additional spending compared to the standard double glazing with savings from fuel costs in about 3 years and keeps the gains throughout the remaining life of the building. Reduces fuel in the winter and air conditioning costs in summer. It does not compromise the luminous places by taking 63% of daylight into it. Window fronts prevent cold in winter and warm in summer. The fumes on the glass surface are delayed according to the standard double glazing. It is used in residential buildings and commercial buildings.


Isıcam Systems is the brand of double glass produced by Isıcam Authorized Manufacturers, which are regularly audited by Şişecam Flat Glass.

Isıcam is formed by combining two or more glass plates under factory conditions to contain dry air or gases suitable for ambient pressure.

Isıcam is under the guarantee of Isıcam Authorized Manufacturer for 10 years against production-related faults.