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Isıcam Systems C Series

Isıcam Systems C Series are produced with the production quality assured by Isıcam Systems. It provides insulation and savings by preventing the heat inside from escaping to the outside.

Isıcam Systems are produced by Isıcam Authorized Manufacturers who are regularly audited by Şişecam Flat Glass.

Isıcam Systems brand;

Glass and auxiliary materials are used in appropriate quality and quantity in production,
It is the assurance that the production is carried out continuously under suitable conditions and using modern technologies.
Isıcam Systems are under the warranty of Isıcam Authorized Manufacturer for 10 years against production-related faults.



​​Safety + Security

Produced by using Şişecam Laminated Glass that provides Safety and Security, the Isıcam unit prevents possible injuries by preventing the glass from dispersing in case of breakage in addition to its thermal insulation..​​

Acoustic Laminated

Safety + Security + Noise Control

Produced by using Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass, which provides noise control, the Isıcam unit provides sound insulation in addition to thermal insulation, reducing noise transitions, and has the safety and security features of Şişecam Laminated Glass.​


Solar Control with Tinted Glass

Produced by using Şişecam Tinted Flat Glass, which provides solar control, the Isıcam unit limits solar heat input into the building, controls the excessive brightness of the sun, and reduces cooling energy consumption and thus cooling costs in air-conditioned environments.​


Reflective Solar Control

The Isıcam unit, produced using reflective glasses providing solar control, Şişecam Tentesol and Şişecam Tentesol Titanium, limits the ingress of solar heat into the building in addition to thermal insulation, controls the excessive brightness of the sun and reduces cooling energy consumption and thus cooling costs in air-conditioned environments. Due to its reflective feature, it creates a mirror effect when viewed from the direction where the light is strong. It provides visual integrity in commercial buildings with glass facades.​