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Garage Door Systems

Longitudinal Security to Live the Peace of Mind!

Garage, second door to the House
Here you do much more than park your car:
storage space, workshop and rehearsal studio!
Depending on your lifestyle, your garage should keep up with your needs.

Automatic Garage Door systems offer modern and reliable solutions by considering architectural designs.

Advantages of automatic garage doors
The systems that can easily opened and closed by remote control without getting out of your vehicle. Also, Garage doors increase your comfort with their functionality and durability by their use.


PENPLAST automatic garage door systems offer modern and safe solutions by considering architectural designs.
Nowadays, it cannot be denied that the safety of your vehicle has become more important than ever. It is inevitable to take precautions in order to be protected from the attacks of malicious people, to prevent theft and not to be affected by adverse weather conditions. Shutter systems are at the top of these systems.

Self-controlled garage doors made of solid durable aluminum, polyurethane-filled steel and galvanized steel, away from your vehicle, without losing sleep, get ready for the next day in a comfortable way. Our doors, which give your garage an aesthetic appearance by adapting to all kinds of architectural designs and facades, continue to protect your vehicles for years.