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Dynamic Sliding System

Pimapen Dynamic Sliding System Series may be applied to the wide spaces for windows and doors in the form of combinations of two, three and four units and, there is no vertical profile when the sashes are opened in the applications with 90º edges due to its specially designed movable edge joint profiles and, thus it offers more spacious visibility.



Profile width : 149 mm
Number of cubicles : 6
Gasket type/ color : TPE – Gray / Black
Çıta : Tek Tırnaklı – PCE Contalı
Glass thickness (mm) : 24, 30, 36, 44, 52
Uw * : 0,99 W/m2 K
Uf : 1,18 W/m2 K


In addition to the white body color, there are 13 different color alternatives.
Thanks to the special design laths, the profile glass combinations give the product an aesthetic appearance.
The Dynamic Sliding Window and Door System is advantageous compared to other systems with its ease of use and low maintenance costs.
You can choose different colors of window and door handles to match the architectural style of your home.
You can control the light by being in full harmony with the Pimastor Shutter System.
It is suitable for fly screen system application.